Die by the Sword Podcast

Die by the Sword is a weekly Actual Play podcast using the Pathfinder RPG system. In this adventure, follow our gamemaster and four players as they delve into Paizo’s first horror themed campaign, Carrion Crown. Filled with immersive storytelling, real dice rolls, dramatic twists, and off-the-cuff comedy, this weekly podcast is sure to keep you coming back for more.

75 - Possession Is Nine-Tenths

November 9th, 2020

Our adventurers meet the Vilkacis once again and Diego gets a little closer than he would like.  



Gary Eoff - Game Master

Gary Garcia - Xo'bere Emogen

Phillip De Leon - Renly Schädel

Keith Thomason - Kabal

John Blizzard - Diego Dominus



Procession of the Damned from Gates of Delirium by Midnight Syndicate



Gates of Delirium from Gates of Delirium by Midnight Syndicate





Sword Coast Soundscapes


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